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Quality Management


YICIscrew introduced ISO9001 quality management system and obtained certificate in 1999, and has the ability to steadily provide products that meet customer requirements and applicable laws and regulations, as well as effectively operate the system and enable the firm to continuously improve and obtain better benefits. To fulfill the needs of auto parts customers, YICIscrew introduced TS16949 system in 2018 and obtained IATF16949 certificate in 2020. In the future, YICIscrew will be able to provide more comprehensive products and services that meet customer requirements and promote improved customer satisfaction.

Yiciscrew is now working on to implementing ISO/IEC 17025 into our organization, by doing so it enables our laboratories to demonstrate that they operate competently and generate valid results, thereby promoting confidence in our work both nationally and around the world. We will also be able to perform testing, sampling or calibration and providing reliable results.

With over 25 years of experience in T head bolt manufacturing, we are able to produce largely deformed part by cold heading technology which were used to be produced by hot forging or turning technology. These T head bolts can be used on different types of cast-in channels, they come in different grades and surfaces finishes depending on customers’ requirements.

Strong reputation for quality

Yiciscrew has built a reputation for quality and durability over last 25 years, we also work hard to be the highest quality supplier of special fasteners per print. With our extensive relationships and well managed sub-contractors base; we can meet all your special fastener requirements regardless of quantity, lead time, diameter/length, metrics, and ALL exotic materials.

Yiciscrew has always kept product quality as the foundation of its reputation: raw material quality, the production process quality as well as the final inspection. All the necessary tests are carried out in our quality department, spectral analysis, hardness tests, tensile strength tests and so on.

SPC and MSA control are adopted in our QC, which allows process variability reduction and guarantees a steady level of quality by minimizing reworks and scraps. We also follow APQP to create a product quality plan for developing and manufacturing products that meet customer requirements. We ensure voice of the customers is clearly understood, translated into requirements, technical specifications and special characteristics. The product or process benefits are designed in through prevention.


Following certificates show that fasteners and fixing technology at YICISCREW meet the highest demands of the various business sectors.

Our management systems are regularly audited and certified to the latest standards.