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About Us

YICIscrew Co., LTD was founded by Mr. Ou in Gangshan District, Kaohsiung in 1996. We are professional T head Bolt and special fastener manufacturer; we sell products to distributors and to a wide range of end users. The quality of our screw is recognized by the industry peers, our more than 30 years of accumulated experience also help our customers solve extremely difficult manufacturing and design problems.

In addition, we work with different construction accessories companies worldwide, being able to work with professional customers, we unite the expertise, skills and resources and become the world leading manufacturer in fixing, connecting and anchoring technology. Not only being professionals in construction parts, we are also strong in automobile part OEM, years of corporations with automobile customer making us understand the essentials to achieve precise delivery time and providing most qualitative products.

While we do our best to fulfill our customers more widely all over the world nowadays, with more knowledgeable technician recruited, and more reliable supply resources; we can offer you an extended range of specialist products and services, greater technical expertise, a larger and more agile supply chain and better, faster innovation. Due to years of experiences in cooperating with strong global firms, we have better understanding of the needs of the customer and we try our best to meet their requirement on any scale.

Made in Taiwan · High Quality

YICIscrew own competitive advantage when strict quality product level is required within the organization. Currently 80 % of our Market share is occupied by the European clients, the products consists of mostly T head bolt, auto parts, special anchors, and special construction parts.

YICIscrew is looking to develop more market share in other areas all over the world, which requires special parts. To become all's good business partner; we believe, quality is the most important condition of service. That to keep improving the self-production to be in line with customer demands, together towards the creation of high quality product and services, also maintaining as high performance corporate body.

In the future challenges, YICIscrew do not limit itself. On each of the various related products, YICIscrew is willing to assess the possibility and suitability of production; making sure the products could be made here with high quality level and most importantly under Made in Taiwan condition.

Flexible approach to create a win-win for both parties

As the industry’s most knowledgeable, responsive, and trusted T head bolt supplier, Yiciscrew has maintained a commitment to excellence since its founding in 1996. Whether we’re pursuing product excellence through our branded lines or we’re chasing service excellence by providing our customers with unmatched merchandising expertise, we’ve worked tirelessly to attain – and uphold – our position as a leading fastener supplier and fastener manufacturer.

If you’ve been searching for ways to improve customer retention and trust, product quality, reduce merchandising costs, and increase profits, Yiciscrew can help. With years of experience, a complete focus on service, and an unwavering dedication to innovating new, useful products, we aren’t just a supplier, we’re a partner.

Why Choose Us

Yiciscrew has a proven history of helping customers grow their businesses.

Since our founding in 1996, Yiciscrew has strived to earn the respect and loyalty of our customers by being the best at what we do: T head bolt & special fasteners. Founded as a private, family-owned corporation, Yiciscrew has a strong family spirit throughout our workforce.

We work hard to help each customer succeed and are proud of our family heritage. We remain steadfastly committed to upholding the values that have made us one of the industry’s most successful fastener suppliers.

In this society that full of challenges and intense competitions, to be able to stay alive, we must continue to improve ourselves. YICIscrew believes that by providing clients a sense of exclusive products, specializing products for each of our customers and looking after each of them is the most important thing to keep both parties up on the stage.

In the future, we will continue to devote our full efforts under the concepts of continuous innovation and constant improvement to providing customers with competitive products and relevant service of engineering technology, so our customers and we can grow stronger together.

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