YICIscrew Co., LTD was founded by Mr. Ou in Gangshan District, Kaohsiung in 1996. The company started with deep-hole screws manufacturing, and soon after followed by manufacturing different types of special screws, including T-head bolts, special anchors, and various construction and vehicle fasteners. YICIscrew introduced ISO9001 quality management system and obtained certificate in 1999, and has the ability to steadily provide products that meet customer requirements and applicable laws and regulations, as well as effectively operate the system and enable the firm to continuously improve and obtain better benefits. To fulfill the needs of auto parts customers, YICIscrew introduced TS16949 system in 2018 and obtained IATF16949 certificate in 2020. In the future, YICIscrew will be able to provide more comprehensive products and services that meet customer requirements and promote improved customer satisfaction.

Made in Taiwan - High Quality


YICIscrew own competitive advantage when strict quality product level is required within the organization. Currently 80 % of our Market share is occupied by the European clients, the products consists of mostly T head bolt, auto parts, special anchors, and special construction parts.

YICIscrew is looking to develop more market share in other areas all over the world, which requires special parts. To become all's good business partner; we believe, quality is the most important condition of service. That to keep improving the self-production to be in line with customer demands, together towards the creation of high quality product and services, also maintaining as high performance corporate body.

In the future challenges, YICIscrew do not limit itself. On each of the various related products, YICIscrew is willing to assess the possibility and suitability of production; making sure the products could be made here with high quality level and most importantly under Made in Taiwan condition.

Flexible approch to creat a win-win for both parties


The main products now YICIscrew specializes in European market are T bolts, special construction parts, auto parts and so on. There has been more than 20 years of partnership with European customers, we continue to improve on the quality and believe the stable delivery date is one of the most important part that clients keep on seeking for.

YICIscrew also believes the application of our accumulated years of experience in business running, the most favorable standing customer point of view and the most competitive prices; to meet the special characteristics and needs of the customer, and is also willing to give customers the final recommendations which lead to win-win result for both parties.

Market Segmentation


In this society that full of challenges and intense competitions, to be able to stay alive, we must continue to improve ourselves. This is the same to fastener industry. YICIscrew believes that by providing clients a sense of exclusive products, specializing products for each of our customers and looking after each of them is the most important thing to keep both parties up on the stage.

In the future, we will continue to devote our full efforts under the concepts of continuous innovation and constant improvement to providing customers with competitive products and relevant service of engineering technology, so our customers and us can grow stronger together. 

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